Building my own firewall using Untangle

Building my own firewall using Untangle.

by James Addison

Having enterprise security does not require one to purchase expensive hardware from Sophos, Cisco or any other security company. With the free version of Untangle a little bit of reading and work one can build their own enterprise firewall.


The purpose of this post is to share with you the steps I went through in building my firewall.

  1. Verify hardware requirements
  2. Download Untangle
  3. Install Untangle

Hardware Requirements

Devices Processor Memory Hard Drive NIC Notes
1 - 5 devices Atom/P4 equivalent or greater 2 GB 80 GB 2 or more
51 - 100 devices Dual Core 2 GB or more 160 GB 2 or more
51 - 150 Devices Dual Core 2 GB or more 160 GB 2 or more
151 - 500 Devices 2 or more cores 2 GB or more 500 + GB 2 or more
501 - 1500 devices 4 Cores 4 GB or more 500 + GB 2 or more 64 bit
1501 - 5000 devices 4 Cores or more 4 GB or more 500 + GB 2 or more 64 bit
Table from Untangle Requirements

My Hardware 

I built my Untangle NG Firewall using an old Dell Vostro 400 Intel Dual Core system with 4 GB of RAM, a 128 GB SSD hard drive, 2 the other a PCI Express card, with a Dell ATI Radeon 3450 256 MB PCI-E video card, and a 350 watt power supply. I picked it up at FreeIT Athens for $30 dollars and added the video card and extra NIC for about $15. For WIFI I have converted my old router into a wireless AP.

How to obtain Untangle

To obtain the Untangle NG Firewall software you will need to go here and create an account.

Lastly, because I like supporting software I use, I spent $50 and bought the Home Pro even though I could have done everything with the free version.

Installing Untangle

  1. After downloading Untangle create your bootable medium
  2. Boot into Untangle
  3. Select Graphical Install 
  4. Select your language
  5. Select your location 
  6. Select your keyboard
  7. Configure your timezone 
  8. Partition the hard drive 
  9. Allow the installation to run 

  10. Complete the installation 
  11. Allow the computer to reboot into Untangle 

  12. Select your language 

  13. Click Run The Setup Wizard 
  14. Read the license
  15. If you agree with the license click Agree 
  16. Next Configure the Server 
  17. Identify and configure your network cards 
  18. Configure your Internet connection 
  19. Configure your internal network connection 
  20. Select how you want updates to be handled 
  21. Next you will login with the account your created earlier 
  22. Next select the option to install apps
  23. Next you will see the Untangle dashboard 


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