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Building my own firewall using Untangle

Building my own firewall using Untangle. by James Addison

Having enterprise security does not require one to purchase expensive hardware from Sophos, Cisco or any other security company. With the free version of Untangle a little bit of reading and work one can build their own enterprise firewall.

Information The purpose of this post is to share with you the steps I went through in building my firewall.

Verify hardware requirementsDownload UntangleInstall Untangle
Hardware RequirementsDevicesProcessorMemoryHard DriveNICNotes1 - 5 devicesAtom/P4 equivalent or greater2 GB80 GB2 or more51 - 100 devicesDual Core2 GB or more160 GB2 or more51 - 150 DevicesDual Core2 GB or more160 GB2 or more151 - 500 Devices2 or more cores2 GB or more500 + GB2 or more501 - 1500 devices4 Cores4 GB or more500 + GB2 or more64 bit1501 - 5000 devices4 Cores or more4 GB or more500 + GB2 or more64 bit Table from Untangle Requirements
My Hardware  I built my Untangle NG Firewall using an old Dell Vostro 400 Intel …

Quick Tip: How to verify a md5 sum or shasum file

echo "the full shasum_hash" *filename.iso | shasum -a 256 --check

openssl md5 filename.iso | grep md5sum_hash

New Firewall

I finally built a new Untangle Firewall, and all I can say at this time is "I have so much to learn".

Setting up the Synology DS

I decided to reconfigure the Synology DS so it will fit my life and needs better.

I have added Moments for my own photo cloud storage; I also installed both the audio station app, the video station app, the media server and the iTunes server so I can share my music and movies from my NAS and my Mac Server. I have also installed the Note Station so I have the ability to take quick notes. As for my cloud service I have connected to my Google account and all of this is backed up to Amazon. All while using the firewall, DoS feature, and other recommended security settings on both my NAS and router with the recommend port forwarding for apps so I can access it from anywhere.

With all these apps and services on the NAS it is taxing it at times which means it is time to either decrease what I am using the NAS for or upgrade it.

Honestly it is time to upgrade it and I am looking at the Diskstation DS918+. I already have 4 2 TB hard drives that will work with it so all I need is the DiskSt…