Thursday, November 4, 2021

Enable Windows 10 and 11 God Mode

To enable Windows "God Mode" on Windows 10 or 11 right click a blank area on the desktop, create a new folder and name it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C the press enter. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Working as a CNA

 CNA work is the hardest work I have ever done and the fact I can sit down and relax for a few minutes is good. So while relaxing on my break I was listening to,

Monday, July 6, 2020

The Romance of the Sun and the Moon

The moon was alone one evening, shining in the midnight sky. Although she was surrounded by myriads of tiny, sparkly stars, she felt as if there was no one to understand her. She eagerly searched the skies for a friend, perhaps a meteor, with whom to discuss the joys and sorrows of her life. But there was nobody.
On the other side of the world, the sun yawned and awoke to shine his light upon the blue-green temples of God. He heard the call to worship, and saw the waves of people bowing and praying. He felt full of good will and charity towards the masses of God's servitors. Perhaps they were not holy, but at least they were faithful.
The moon stayed alone, suspended in the sky with none to touch her. A tiny star whispered to her of a great being, the sun, who brought joy and light to the world. She listened with interest, for it seemed that once, a long time ago, she had seen a being such as this. Beautiful as he was, the sun seemed always just beyond her reach. She would visit the places where he had been, and would always find that he had just left. Those who knew him spoke of his wonder and his glory, and she felt unworthy to be in his presence.
Now the sun was unaware of her yearning, for he was too busy making the crops grow and warming the world. Those who wished his light had only to look upward to heaven and he was there, beaming down upon them.
The moon continued to follow the sun, always coming nearer to him, always hearing that he had just left that portion of the sky, or was just over the next mountain range. Where before there was despair, now she was ever more hopeful, for she knew that she was approaching his presence.
She came closer and closer, until one glorious day came when she stood before him, naked and unafraid. The world looked up and saw only blackness - in the middle of the day. But the moon stood mid-way between the sun and the earth, and all of his glory was for her.
His light blotted out all of her loneliness, all of her pain, all of her past. She stood bathed in wonder before him, and his light filled her soul.
She passed away from him full of light and joy, and though his light was too bright to remember, it was also too powerful to forget. She was dizzy with wonder. As time passed, it seemed that she once had been a being full of light, yet it was so long ago…

Such is the soul of man, dear one. It yearns for the glorious light of Truth, which destroys all loneliness and memory. The many lives of man are as many times as the moon sees the sun - after each, nothing remains but a vague idea of a beauty once seen. And there is always the longing, and always the return.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

My Fitness Journey Begins Now

I could go back and start on May 31, 2020, but I am not. I am starting today on June 14, 2020. My current weight is 319 lbs with a body fat percentage of 46%. This will be a long journey but it will be well worth it. My goal is to get to 190 lbs, and I will be using my Fitbit Charge2 and Aria scale to track my journey. This week I will be ordering the multivitamins, protein powder, and other supplements I need. So let my new journey begin.

Enable Windows 10 and 11 God Mode

To enable Windows "God Mode" on Windows 10 or 11 right click a blank area on the desktop, create a new folder and name it GodMode....